Sentence Examples

  • The butt-end of the island, of poor, rough, wind-beaten hills, is redeemed by the fine harbour of Port Nicholson, which vies with the Waitemata.
  • Korea vies with Uganda as a triumph of modern missionary enterprise.
  • Von Siccardsburg (1813-1868), the sumptuous interior of which vies with that of Paris; the academy of art, built in 187276; the exchange, built in 1872-77, both by Hansen; and the Austrian museum of art and industry, an Italian Renaissance building erected by Ferstel in 1868-71.
  • His vigorous and idiomatic version of Plutarch, Vies des hommes illustres, was translated into English by Sir Thomas North, and supplied Shakespeare with materials for his Roman plays.
  • De Stendhal), Vies de Haydn, de Mozart et de Metastase (Paris, 1854); Karajan, Joseph Haydn in London (1861); C. F.