Sentence Examples

  • John Wagner was a recent graduate from Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts, and as an employee of Hallmark he became a part of the Shoebox Greetings group.
  • When Bond and Vesper are preparing to go into the casino, she presents him with a tailored suit.
  • Cartellieri, Peter von Aragon and die Sizilianische Vesper (Heidelberg, 1904).
  • Vesper), the evening star, son or brother of Atlas.
  • There are many insectivorous birds; among the song birds are the hermit thrush, the wood thrush, the Wilson's thrush, the brown thrasher, the bobolink, the catbird, the oven bird, the house wren, the song sparrow, the fox sparrow, the vesper sparrow, the white-throated sparrow (Peabody bird), the goldfinch and the robin.