Sentence Examples

  • It is lifted vertically to the required height !!!!II/III;?
  • The young roots grow vertically downwards, the young stems vertically upwards.
  • But the numerous vertically excavated tombs outside the walls are of late date and belong for the most part to the Roman period.
  • As an example of the general equations, take the simplest case of a uniform field of gravity, with Oz directed vertically downward; employing the gravitation unit of force, 1 dp i dp t dp dp/dz = p = pzn (4) z n+I pz 1 /n p-p n-H ?t), (5) supposing p and p to vanish together.
  • Of the fluid, equal to the weight vertically upward through the movement of a weight P through a distance c will cause the ship to heel through an angle 0 about an axis FF' through F, which is conjugate to the direction of the movement of P with respect to an ellipse, not the momental ellipse of the water-line area A, but a confocal to it, of squared semi-axes a 2 -hV/A, b 2 - hV/A, (I) h denoting the vertical height BG between C.G.