Sentence Examples

  • Chassin, La Vendee et la Chouannerie (Paris, 1892 seq.); "L'Etat des services de Santerre dresse par lui-meme," in the third volume of Souvenirs et memoires (1899), published by Paul Bonnefon.
  • The royalists of la Vendee were later in moving and caused more trouble.
  • They appear to have been produced in Normandy and the Vendee, where they were employed for sporting purposes, and originally were no very definite breed.
  • DE LA ROCHEJACQUELEIN, the name of an ancient French family of La Vendee, celebrated for its devotion to the throne during and after the Revolution.
  • When the anti-clerical policy of the revolutionary powers provoked the rising of the peasantry, of La Vendee, he put himself at the head of the men of his neighbourhood, and came rapidly to the front among the gentlemen whom the peasants took for leaders.