Sentence Examples

  • He gave, in fact, the theory of what in Hamilton's system is called Composition of Vectors in one plane i.e.
  • In octonions the analogue of Hamilton's vector is localized to the extent of being confined to an indefinitely long axis parallel to itself, and is called a rotor; if p is a rotor then wp is parallel and equal to p, and, like Hamilton's vector, wp is not localized; wp is therefore called a vector, though it differs from Hamilton's vector in that the product of any two such vectors wp and coo- is zero because w 2 =o.
  • In modern language, forces are compounded by vector-addition; thus, if we draw in succession vectors ~--~
  • -, HK be vectors representing the given forces, the resultant will be given by AK.
  • For if 0, A, B be any three points, and m, n any scalar quantities, we have in vectors m.~+n.~=(m+n)O~, (I)