Sentence Examples

  • Such a determinant is of importance in the theory of orthogonal substitution.
  • We may therefore form an orthogonal transformation in association with every skew determinant which has its leading diagonal elements unity, for the Zn(n-I) quantities b are clearly arbitrary.
  • The corresponding expression for two orthogonal cylinders will be With a 2 = co, these reduce to / y /, = Uy (I ra 2 p22 +-C24)..
  • Clerk Maxwell, who showed amongst other things that a reciprocal can always be drawn to any figure which is the orthogonal projection of a plane-faced polyhedron.
  • If we project both polyhedra orthogonally on a plane perpendicular to the axis of the paraboloid, we obtain two figures which are reciprocal, except that corresponding lines are orthogonal instead of parallel.