Sentence Examples

  • Subtle notions of toasty vanillin from new oak aging".
  • Woody or lignified cell-walls appear to contain substances called conifer-in and vanillin, in addition to various other compounds which are imperfectly known.
  • Vanillin does not give the Cannizzaro reaction, but with alcoholic potash forms vanillicacid,H000(1) � C6H3.00H3 (3)�OH(4), and vanilloin.
  • On oxidation with potassium permanganate it gives homovanillin, vanillin, &c.; with chromic acid in acetic acid solution it is converted into carbon dioxide and acetic acid, whilst nitric acid oxidizes it to oxalic acid.
  • By the action of alkalis it is converted into iso-eugenol, which on oxidation yields vanillin, the odorous principle of vanilla.