Sentence Examples

  • When fused with caustic soda, hydrogen is liberated and a vanadate is formed.
  • According to Ditte (Comptes rendus, 101, p. 698) it exists in three forms: a red amorphous soluble form which results when ammonium metavanadate is heated in a closed vessel and the residue oxidized with nitric acid and again heated; a yellow amorphous insoluble form which is obtained when the vanadate is heated in a current of air at 440° C.; and a red crystalline form which is almost insoluble in water.
  • Metavanadic acid is obtained in the form of yellow scales by boiling copper vanadate with an aqueous solution of sulphur dioxide.
  • Pyrovanadic acid is deposited as a dark brown unstable powder when an acid vanadate is decomposed by nitric acid.