Sentence Examples

  • The newer Mercury Class and Valkyrie Class battlestars were the best the fleet had to offer at the time of the collapse of the Twelve Colonies, and had almost completely replaced the original unnamed class.
  • The story begins as the former Emperor of the oddly named Uricointi Empire decides to release the four immortal heroes -- the Warrior, Elf, Valkyrie and Wizard -- from their bondage.
  • Choose from the Wizard, Warrior, Elf and Valkyrie.
  • On the summit of a fire-girt hill Sigurd found the Valkyrie Brunhild in an enchanted sleep, and ravished by her beauty awakened her; they plighted their troth to each other and, next morning, Sigurd left her to set out once more on his journey.
  • So Sigurd, assuming Gunnar's shape, rode through the flames on his magic horse, and in sign of troth exchanged rings with the Valkyrie, giving her the ring of Andvari.