Sentence Examples

  • In cases where valium is obtained by illegal or illegitimate methods, the individual will not be monitored and is likely to experience the symptoms above, particularly following prolonged use and possibly inappropriate doses.
  • Residential programs: Residential therapy is often a last resort for addicts who have tried and failed to withdraw from valium addiction and possible addiction to other drugs used subsequent to the Valium.
  • When using valium as a pain reliever or as an aid in treating the symptoms of withdrawal from another drug, it's important to understand that the drug itself does not cure the cause of the pain or anxiety.
  • In situations where valium is legitimately prescribed and used under careful observation and assessment, complications such as addiction will be detected and dealt with early by the prescribing physician.
  • If the patient becomes violent inside the hospital, he or she may be placed in restraints or given a tranquilizer (usually either lorazepam [Ativan] or diazepam [Valium]), most often by injection.

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