Sentence Examples

  • The prognosis for a successful vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) may be at least 75 percent, especially when the c-section involved a low transverse incision in the uterus, and there were no complications during or after delivery.
  • Some experts suggest that treatments for Candida, which involve the application of cream or a pessary directly into the vagina, may affect the pH of the vaginal canal and can also affect the transportation of sperm along the cervix.
  • This particular type of vaginal secretion ensures that the sperm has a greater chance of survival on its long journey to meet the egg.Observing vaginal secretions is a complex but highly accurate aid to the timing of peak fertility.
  • And here also is a small diverticulum of b, Vaginal portion of the the duct f.
  • Outline of the ventral surface to show the external apertures and nervous system; a, rosette-organ; b, uterine pore; c, terminal sucker; e, vaginal pore; g, male gonopore; n, o, p, nervous system.