Sentence Examples

  • Utilities, transportation costs, application fees, security deposits, and potential facility usage fees need to be added in to the overall rate for an accurate estimation of how much living expenses will be for different apartments.
  • Personal loans are used to finance manufactured homes if the home is not sitting on property owned by the homeowner or if the home is not permanently attached to a foundation and utilities (such as a septic tank or sewer system).
  • The wages weren't all that great, but deducting rent, utilities and groceries from her present salary, it wound up being a good deal more.
  • An appointive board of public service consists of a president and four directors of divisions, public welfare, public safety, public utilities, and streets and sewers.
  • A state Board of Railroad Commissioners (three appointed by the governor), created in 1907, became in 1910 a Board of Public Utility Commissioners with jurisdiction over all public utilities (including telephones and telegraphs); its approval is necessary for the issue of stock or bonds, but it has no power to fix rates.