Sentence Examples

  • Utilitarianism (1902); Sir Leslie Stephen, The English Utilitarians (1900); J.
  • The Comtists are no better off than other utilitarians in judging policy, events, conduct.
  • Leslie Stephen's English Utilitarians (pub.
  • His account of the sanction, again, is sufficiently comprehensive, including both the internal and the external rewards of virtue and punishments of vice; and he, like later utilitarians, explains moral' obligation to lie in the force exercised on the will by these sanctions; but as to the precise manner in which individual is implicated with universal good, and the operation of either or both in determining volition, his view is indistinct if not actually inconsistent.
  • But in fact the difference between intuitionists and utilitarians as to the method of determining the particulars of the moral code was complicated with a more fundamental disagreement as to the very meaning of " moral obligation."