Sentence Examples

  • Some contractors are building homes with solar and other alternative energy systems and include the cost in the overall purchase price of the homes, eliminating the upfront cost of installation in new construction.
  • While replacement windows can and will save you money on your energy bills, they do have some upfront costs that can vary from home to home, and which should be taken into consideration during the planning stages.
  • Another idea to consider that may cost upfront during the high school years but will save a bundle on college costs is allowing your student to take dual credit courses through the local community college.
  • It's necessary to outline any special needs upfront and address the level of care required for issues such as diets, social behavior, mobility assistance, incontinence, night assistance, and personal care.
  • This is a popular destination for orders, as they do not require any upfront investment, and also have a program option where you can request they secure local business sponsorships for you, saving you the headache of getting started.