Sentence Examples

  • He upbraided the mother with her hardheartedness, and when she resented his interference he departed in a huff and they never met again.
  • Khalid lived on a very rich scale and was extraordinarily liberal, and he was charged with having carried out all his improvements for his own interests, and upbraided for selling the corn of his estates only when the prices were high.
  • In 1697 the Second Boston Church, in which Cotton Mather had been his father's colleague since 1685, upbraided the Charlestown Church "for betraying the liberties of the churches in their late putting into the hands of the whole inhabitants the choice of a minister."
  • During the persecution under Maximinus she sought an interview with the emperor, upbraided him for his cruelties, and adjured him to give up the worship of false gods.
  • Early in 1814 he saw Napoleon for the last time; the emperor upbraided him with the words: "You are a coward, a traitor, a thief.