Sentence Examples

  • This family consisted of Morley Unwin (a clergyman), his wife Mary, and his son (William) and daughter (Susannah).
  • Cobden had married in 1840 Miss Catherine Anne Williams, a Welsh lady, and left five surviving daughters, of whom Mrs Cobden-Unwin (wife of the publisher Mr Fisher Unwin), Mrs Walter Sickert (wife of the painter) and Mrs Cobden-Sanderson (wife of the well-known artist in bookbinding), afterwards became prominent in various spheres, and inherited their father's political interest.
  • Ditchfield (1904); The Gilds and Companies of London, by George Unwin (1908).
  • Keutgen, Amter and Ziinfte (Jena, 1903); George Unwin, Industrial Organization in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (Oxford, 1904).
  • Then w2'/w2 = (1 +4p7p) w2'/7.vl = 1 1 0 [l2/ll + (12/11) 2] (1 +4P1p) A partially rational approximate formula for the weight of main girders is the following (Unwin, Wrought Iron Bridges and Roofs, 1869, p. 4 0) :- Let w=total live load per ft.