Sentence Examples

  • Skill in modern laboratory work is as far out of the reach of the untaught as performance on a musical instrument.
  • Untaught by experience, he resumed his course of selfish tyranny over Christians and heathen alike, and raised the irritation of the populace to such a pitch that when, on the accession of Julian, his downfall was proclaimed and he was committed to prison, they dragged him thence and killed him, finally casting his body into the sea (24th of December 361).
  • Untaught by Maximilian Emmanuel's experience, his son, Charles Albert (1726-1745), devoted all his energies to increasing the European prestige and power of his house.
  • We may fairly say that natural and untaught people had more of the just intuition that was needed than learned folk trained in the schools.
  • The animism common alike to the untaught Huns and to their Hindu conquerors, but condemned in early Buddhism, was allowed to revive.