Sentence Examples

  • The Welsh were unsubdued; the French were plundering the southern coast; Northumberland was fomenting trouble in the north.
  • Of Asia Minor, which survived unsubdued in the general deluge of Seljukian conquest, they could expect active assistance (the hope of which will explain the north-easterly line of march which they followed after leaving Heraclea).
  • As a conqueror he extended his sway from the still unsubdued Kiang tribes of the north to Ladak in the west, and in the south he carried his power through Nepal to the Indian side of the Himalayas.
  • Sir Hyde Parker was, however, unwilling to go up the Baltic with the Danes unsubdued behind him, or to divide his force.
  • States were restive, and Aetolia unsubdued; and, with the break-up of the empire at Alexander's death, there was once more scope for the action of the individual cities among the rival great powers.

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