Sentence Examples

  • Provision was made; and Napoleon refused to tolerate the presence of unsalaried clerics on whom the government had no hold.
  • Town where it desires to be represented, and unsalaried, the consular body proper was, by the decrees of July 10, 1880, and April 27, 1883, practically constituted a branch of the diplomatic service.
  • The department of education is intrusted to an unsalaried board of nine commissioners, appointed by the mayor with the approval of the second branch of the council for a term of six years, three retiring every two years.
  • In the counties there are unsalaried boards of county charities and correction and county boards of children's guardians, appointed by the circuit judges.
  • A general control of all public charities and correctional institutions is exercised by an unsalaried Board of State Charities consisting of the governor and six members appointed by him for a term of three years, two retiring every two years.