Sentence Examples

  • You have the option of playing classic Uno in the quick play mode or joining Felicia Blue, secret agent working undercover, in a fun filled adventure game complete with new cards, great characters and plenty of twists in the adventure mode.
  • You can pull out the Uno cards and change the rules so the draw 4 means you have to give your partner a massage, draw 2 requires a hug, and a reverse direction means you pass with a kiss.
  • Uno se praestare, quod manum de tabula sciret tollere, memorabili praecepto nocere saepe nimiam diligentiam.
  • 54) says, " Attingunt et Minaei, pagus alius, per quos evehitur uno tramite angusto [from Hadramut].
  • 22 " omnis clausulas uno et eodem modo determinet."