Sentence Examples

  • Broken down as much by the blow as by ill-health the cardinal died at Lambeth on the 17th of November 1558, twelve hours after Mary's death and under the unmerited disgrace of the papacy in defence of which he had spent his life.
  • The circumstances of his appointment and the erroneous belief that he was receiving a pension of f 4 000 per annum for his few days' court work brought Campbell much unmerited obloquy.'
  • Passing on to Anselrn (1033-1109), we observe that the Augustinian doctrine of original sin and man's absolute need of unmerited grace is retained in his theory of salvation; he also follows Augustine in defining freedom as the " power not to sin "; though in saying that Adam fell " spontaneously " and " by his free choice," though not " through its freedom," he has implicitly made the distinction that Peter the Lombard afterwards expressly draws between the freedom that is opposed to necessity and freedom from the slavery to sin.
  • Ness and consequent punishment, unless they are elected by God's unmerited grace to share the benefits of Christ's redemption.