Sentence Examples

  • He squinted down at her in the dim light, his gray eyes smoldering with unmasked anger.
  • The daevas, unmasked and attacked by Zoroaster as the true enemies of mankind, are still, in the Gathas, without doubt the perfectly definite gods of old popular belief - the idols of the people.
  • Bentinck (1828-1835) took vigorous steps in this matter that the system was gradually unmasked, and finally all but stamped out.
  • And, with good reason, feared to be the first victim of the Polish magnates when the king's designs were unmasked and frustrated.
  • One result of this among the Vertebrata is that the eyeball is pink in colour, since the cornea, iris and retina being transparent, the red blood contained in the capillaries is unmasked by the absence of pigmentary material.