Sentence Examples

  • The humour of this last is especially bright and effective, but, unluckily for the author, the piece is believed to have been retouched by some other hand.
  • One single slip she made in the whole course of her defence; but none could have been more unluckily characteristic and significant.
  • Carlyle, as a wise man, should have yielded to his wife's wishes; unluckily, he was content to point out that her jealousy was unreasonable, and, upon that very insufficient ground, to disregard it and to continue his intimacy with the Ashburtons on the old terms. Mrs Carlyle bitterly resented his conduct.
  • Unluckily for him his condemnation had the indirect effect of destroying his business at Tilbury.
  • Unluckily, Mlle de Gournay's original does not appear to exist and her text was said, until the appearance of MM.

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