Sentence Examples

  • The orthodox were at first cool because they had always dreamed of a nationalism inspired by messianic ideals, while the liberals had long come to dissociate those universalistic ideals from all national limitations.
  • Thus we pass from Egoistic to Universalistic hedonism, Utilitarianism, Social Ethics, more especially in relation to the still broader theories of evolution.
  • The triumph of this " universalistic " element in the teaching of Christ is vividly portrayed in the Acts of the apostles.
  • In Rome, under the broadening influence of classical and ecclesiastical art, he learned to look at Christianity in its human and universalistic aspects, and began to develop his great idea, the inseparable relation of religion and morals.
  • Universalistic Religious Communions(Buddhism,Christianity: Islam with its particularistic and nomistic elements only partially belongs to this group).4 7.

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