Sentence Examples

  • Sweden became completely a slave to the periwigs of literature, to the unities and graces of classical France.
  • Apart from the positive and permanent value of the higher unities which he succeeds in establishing, the light and suggestiveness of his discussions and treatment of the great points at issue in all the principal fields of human thought, unsatisfactory as many of his positions may be considered, make him one of the most helpful and instructive of modern thinkers.
  • This Essence is God, and includes within itself the finite unities of man, reason and nature.
  • When Virchow wrote, in 1850, " every animal presents itself as a sum of vital unities, every one of which manifests all the characteristics of life," he expressed a doctrine whose sway since then has practically been uninterrupted.
  • The process of development is the formation of higher unities, and the last stage is the identification of the world with God.