Sentence Examples

  • He became a member of the Unionist Government in Dec. 1917.
  • The unionist constitution, devised by Christian VIII., and pro mulgated by his successor, Frederick VII.
  • In the crisis of 1860-61 Texas sided with the other Southern States in spite of the strong Unionist influence exerted by the German settlers and by Governor Sam Houston.
  • But Mr Chamberlain's new programme for a general tariff, with new taxes on food arranged so as to give a preference to colonial products, involved a radical alteration of the established fiscal system, and such out-and-out Unionist free-traders in the cabinet as Mr Ritchie and Lord George Hamilton, and outside it, like Lord Hugh Cecil and Mr Arthur Elliot (secretary to the treasury), were entirely opposed to this.
  • During the remainder of 1903 the struggle within the Unionist party continued.