Sentence Examples

  • He is chiefly occupied with the means whereby the unio mystica is to be attained, whereas Eckhart dwells on the union as an ever-present fact, and dilates on its metaphysical implications.
  • Aspidogaster conchicola is a form not uncommon in Anodon, Unio and certain fresh-water Gastropods.
  • Buonanni, a learned Jesuit of Rome) that they are not generated out of the mud or sand found on the seashore or the beds of rivers at low water, but from spawn, by the regular course of generation; and he maintained the same to be true of the fresh-water mussel (Unio), whose ova he examined so carefully that he saw in them the rotation of the embryo, a phenomenon supposed to have been first discovered long afterwards.
  • Sometimes this gland is found in the young and not in the adult (Anodonta, Unio, Cyclas).
  • Unio; British.

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