Sentence Examples

  • Another unfrequent mode of interment was in graves like those of modern times, dug in the floor of the galleries (Marchi, u.s., ta y.
  • The Iser, Bober, Aupa, Zacken, Queiss, and a great number of smaller streams also rise among these mountains or on their skirts; and small lakes and tarns are not unfrequent in the valleys.
  • Such "letters" were not unfrequent down to the Restoration, but they did not create a department of literature such as Daniel had proposed.
  • Tubers are also sometimes formed on aerial branches, as in some Aroids, Begonias, &c. The production of small green tubers on the haulm, in the axils of the leaves of the potato, is not very unfrequent, and affords an interesting proof of the true morphological nature of the underground shoots and tubers.

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