Sentence Examples

  • At the latter date besides seventy-three villeins, bordars and serfs there were forty cervisarii, a species of unfree tenants who rendered their custom in the form of beer.
  • Even in Roman days the proprietor had exercised a jurisdiction over the disputes of his unfree tenants.
  • People of Slav origin being considered unfree, all intermarriage with them tainted the blood; hence nearly all surnames point to Saxon, especially Westphalian, and even Flemish descent.
  • He was succeeded by his brother Emund the Old, who Emund the had been previously passed over because his mother old, 1050 was unfree, the daughter of a Slav prince and 1060.
  • As the word frankpledge denotes, these societies were originally concerned only with freemen; but the unfree were afterwards admitted, and during the 13th century the frankpledges were composed chiefly of villains.