Sentence Examples

  • He soon became generally detested by the army, but pursued his course unflinchingly and introduced many indispensable hygienic reforms. "Clean barracks are healthy barracks," was his motto.
  • He was a tribune of the people, associated unflinchingly not merel y with the unpopular but with the unpolished; always carrying about him not merely a certain Roman look, but a patrician air.
  • His vanity, his pride of opinion and his inborn contentiousness were serious handicaps to him in his political career.
  • Among the propositions he could heartily abjure was that relating to transubstantiation; among those he felt constrained unflinchingly to maintain was one which had given great offence, to the effect that Christ, not Peter, is the head of the church to whom ultimate appeal must be made.
  • El Taaisha, unable to rally his men, gathered many of his principal amirs around him, among whom were his sons and brothers, Ali Wad Held, Ahmed Fedil, and other well-known leaders, and they met their death unflinchingly from the bullets of the advancing Sudanese infantry.

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