Sentence Examples

  • The home administration of the Rudini cabinet compared unfavourably with that of foreign affairs.
  • 231), and Sir Isaac Newton in 1715 reported unfavourably on the "marine surveyor" of Henry de Saumarez, which also depended on a rotator.
  • But these concessions are unfavourably interpreted and much extortion results.
  • Unlike the two preceding movements, the insurrection of 1889 resulted unfavourably for the Christians.
  • The scientific study of practical problems and difficulties is (generally speaking, and with honourable exceptions) far more advanced in almost every civilized country than it is in England, where the limited scale upon which such work is carried on, the indifference of statesmen, officials and business men, and the incapacity of the public to understand the close relation between scientific study and practical success, contrast very unfavourably with the state of affairs in Germany or the United States.