Sentence Examples

  • In some countries, Big Brother shower scenes go out over live feeds but never make it into actual episodes, while in other countries, shower scenes - edited or unedited - make it into TV broadcasts if they are relevant to the story line.
  • Fans can visit Real World Dailies to watch uncensored and unedited clips from the show, as well as interviews with the cast.
  • Some shows also have live, unedited feeds of episodes aired on a different cable channel like Big Brother After Dark.
  • His flight on the shoulders of Aeneas is frequently represented on engraved gems of the Roman period; and his visit from Aphrodite is rendered in a beautiful bronze relief, engraved in Millingen's Unedited Gems.
  • Reifzenstein (Der Anfang des Lexikons des Photius, 1907) has published a hitherto unedited MS. containing numerous fragments from various verse and prose authors.