Sentence Examples

  • He has to resist the temptations of the body, keeping it under strict control, and with the eye of the soul undimmed by corporeal wants and impulses, contemplate God the supreme good, and live a life according to reason.
  • And German unionists alike: " Firmly determined to preserve undimmed the lustre of our crown," it ran, " but prepared to share our rights with the representatives of our peoples, we trust that with God's aid and in common with our peoples we shall succeed in uniting all the countries and races of the monarchy in one great body politic."
  • This he did in writing Coningsby, a novel of the day and for the day, but commended to us of a later generation « syb%» not only by the undimmed truth of its character portraits, but by qualities of insight and foresight which we who have seen the proof of them can measure as his contemporaries could not.

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