Sentence Examples

  • If you believe you are being underpaid, Career Builder has an article with five tips on how to effectively ask for a raise.
  • People purchasing counterfeit goods save money at a large cost to others, specifically children who live on the premises of large warehouse facilities and toil away at sewing machines for long, underpaid, and thankless hours.
  • Moreover, replica Gucci handbags are manufactured in hygienically questionable warehouses where most of the workers are underage and underpaid.
  • It's often underpaid and unrewarded, and even the best testers sometimes never make it through to join the ranks of the game development team - never getting to be able to create the bugs instead of finding them.
  • Gosselin claims that the contract he and his family signed was unfair, violates child labor laws, and underpaid himself and his children.