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  • And Versions.-There are six uncials, N, A, C, P, Q, a, the last of which has not been edited or collated.
  • There are at present two main systems: (1) Since the time of Wetstein it has been customary to employ capital letters, at first of the Latin and latterly also of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, to designate the uncials, and Arabic figures to designate the minuscules.
  • There are not enough letters to cover the uncials, the same letter has to serve for various fragments which are quite unconnected except by the accident of simultaneous discovery, and no information is given about the MS. referred to.
  • Its relations to EFG are best discussed in Westcott and Hort's Introduction, §§ 335-337.] There are no other uncials equal in importance to the above.
  • Formerly the Greek uncials, which go back to the 4th century, were regarded as the most important source of evidence, and were supposed to have the decisive vote; but now it is becoming plain that still more important, though unfortunately much less complete, is the evidence of the versions and of quotations by early writers.

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