Sentence Examples

  • Between 10 and 14 weeks of pregnancy, physicians may use an ultrasound to look for a thickness at the nuchal translucency, a pocket of fluid in back of the embryo's neck, which may indicate a cardiac defect in 55 percent of cases.
  • You'll have a second ultrasound to check the baby's development (and gender if you're interested), and some women have amniocentesis performed if there is any reason to believe that something may be amiss with the developing fetus.
  • There are no complications per se from the tests themselves with the exception of unfavorable test results or supine (lying horizontality on the back) hypotension secondary to a pregnant woman lying on her back for an ultrasound.
  • When OI occurs as a new dominant mutation and is found inadvertently on ultrasound, it may be difficult to confirm the diagnosis until after delivery since other genetic conditions can cause bowing and/or fractures prenatally.
  • The decision to have prenatal surgery is made on the basis of detailed ultrasound imaging of the fetus, including an echocardiogram that uses ultrasound to obtain images of the fetal heart, as well as other diagnostic tools.