Sentence Examples

  • Johannesburg was in a ferment, while General Sir William Butler, who acted as high commissioner in Milner's absence, had allowed it to be seen that he did not take a favourable view of the Uitlander grievances.
  • Refugee and Uitlander committees were formed both at Durban and Maritzburg, and, in conjunction with the colonists, they did all in their power to assist in recruiting irregular corps, and also in furnishing relief to the sick and needy.
  • In fact, so attractive did this sale of land become to the Boers that they eventually parted with a third of the whole land area of the country to Uitlander purchasers.
  • The soundness of these views and the legitimacy of Uitlander aspirations were recognized by a few Boer officials at Pretoria.
  • Some prominent burghers even spoke at Uitlander meetings in favour of the Uitlander requests.

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