Sentence Examples

  • ., where ue denotes the same function of x =xo+Bh, whether Oh lies between the limits o and H or not.
  • After the tonic ue often becomes a in the Catalan of the mainland (ayga, a q u a, llenga, I in g u a), while in Majorca it becomes o (ay~o, lien go).
  • Sometimes ie and ue in the modern language are changed into i and e: silia from s b 11 a (Old Cast.
  • Words beginning in hue, where the Ii, not etymologically derived, marks the inseparable aspiration of the initial diphthong ue, are readily pronounced ge throughotit almost the whole extent of the domain: gziele for huele (o I e t); gueso for hueso (0 s).
  • Navarrese-Aragone~e has the diphthongs Ce, ue from tonic and, and adheres more strictly to them than normal Castilian doescuende (c b m i t e rn) huey (h d 1 e), pueyo (pb di U rn), yes (e s t), yeran (h r ii n t), while Castilian says conde, hoy, poyo, es, ryan.