Sentence Examples

  • That dance consisted of several chasse steps being done in sequence, Just to make it more confusing, one chasse is also called a triple-step, but since you do two of them in the basic form, the entire dance came to be called the Two-Step.
  • Instead of a simple left step, right step, back step pattern, the weight is very quickly shifted from left to right and back again, then right-left-right, before going into the same kind of backwards "rock-step" as in the two-step basic.
  • The two-step is usually included as part of any dance-hall's play list, so you can get more opportunities to practice your own skills and also watch other couples' moves and pick them up that way.
  • This game could also be a hit for introducing taking dance classes together or having lessons in your group, such as learning swing dancing or two-step with youth group members.
  • Toddlers should be able to follow two-step instructions and understand contrasting ideas, such as large and small, inside and outside, opened and closed, and more and less.