Sentence Examples

  • They also have a two-piece outfit comprising a ruffled micro mini skirt and a halter top; a long-sleeved top with matching boy shorts; a tube top outfit; and a very wild three-piece outfit with a ruffled bikini top, thong and booty shorts.
  • They're a modest solution for parents who don't want their young daughters to wear revealing two-pieces; and they're suitable for grown women who like the convenience of a two-piece suit with almost the full coverage of a one-piece.
  • This two-piece bikini features a white triangle halter top with a tie-back closure (located behind the neck), while the stripe detail on the chest contrasts nicely over the white, polka dot bottoms; a truly fun summer look!
  • Album covers like Wild Texas Wind show Dolly in daring lingerie, but we can see that she's not much of a beach girl: the Internet is strangely bare of any photographs of Dolly Parton in a two-piece or one-piece swimsuit.
  • Instead, it's wise to focus more on how you feel about yourself, maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle instead of being anxious over how you look in a bathing suit, whether it's a one-piece or a skimpy two-piece.