Sentence Examples

  • Twister: This type of coaster has a more intricate layout that wraps around itself and twists through the support structure during the course of the ride.
  • Most people like playing classic board games, such as Monopoly, Cranium, or the Trivial Pursuit, but you can also have a good time with silly group games like Twister.
  • After you set out the Twister mat and put the Twister Moves CD in the player, you must listen carefully as the announcer on the tracks calls out the dance moves.
  • Getting some free love games, playing tantric twister, and reading passionate love poems to one another, are all things you can do to ramp up your sex life.
  • Twister Pink-A new twist has been added to an old classic with this game that's sure to bring lots of giggles to the females in your house.