Sentence Examples

  • The "Turco," Hylactes megapodius, is larger, with greatly developed feet and claws, but is very similar in colour and habits.
  • During the Turco-Russian campaign of 1829 it was the headquarters of Mustafa Pasha of Skodra, and was occupied by the Russians for a few days.
  • Peace was made in 1639,- leaving the Turco-Persian frontier practically as it now stands.
  • It cannot indeed be said that complete tranquillity prevailed throughout the country meanwhile; disturbances in the principalities and in the Lebanon gave serious trouble, while in 1842 the unsettled state of the Turco-Persian frontier nearly led to war.
  • On the 3rd of February 1910 the Porte accepted a Bulgarian proposal for a mixed commission to delimit disputed sections of the Turco-Bulgarian frontier, and in March King Ferdinand visited Constantinople.