Sentence Examples

  • See C. Revillout, E tude hist.
  • It contains numerous illustrations; maps of the routes of the ancient aqueducts and the city of Rome in the time of Frontinus; a photographic reproduction of the only MS. (the Monte Cassino); several explanatory chapters, and a concise bibliography, in which special reference is made to P. d Tissot, E tude sur la condition des agrimensores (1879).
  • (1875); Ornsby, "Origen against Celsus," Dublin Review (July 1879), p. 58; Pelagaud, E tude sur Celse (1878); Lebedeff, Origen's Book against Celsus (Moscow, 1878) (Russian); Overbeck in the Theolog.
  • Bismarck, influenced by the older Prussian traditions, always adopted towards them an atti.tude of uncompromising opposition.
  • They could count on the populace, because work was still scarce, food was still dear, and a multi- progress tude of Parisians knew not where to find bread.