Sentence Examples

  • In one sense tt may be said to stand to theological literature in Scotland in something of the same position as that occupied by the Canon Mirificus with respect to the scientific literature, for it is the first published original work relating to theological interpretation, and is quite without a predecessor in its own field.
  • When feudal possessions, instead of being purely personal, were vested in the families of the holder after the death of Charlemagne, Tournai was specially assigned to Baldwin of the Iron Arm by [[Charles (disambiguation)|Charles Knights Jousting With Cronells On Tt-Tfir Lances]].
  • Tt, Tentacles.
  • R Area, .f E tt s S / 101 = -11 700,000 51 mile./ 5 30 45 50 65 70 75 80 avel of ihe.harth's Crust = 7.500 ft 90 85 !00 broken by few islands.
  • The torque;?i H ti l ' --- L-- - -Tt FIG.

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