Sentence Examples

  • Sheen is set to appear in the remake of Alice in Wonderland as the White Rabbit and in the film Tron Legacy.
  • This pair, at a price of $9.99, is inspired by the Tron series.
  • I also want to do something like Tron or Avatar.
  • Other churches having historical associations are the two Greyfriars churches, which occupy the two halves of one building; Tron church, the scene of midnight hilarity at the new year; St Cuthbert's church; St Andrew's church in George Street, whence set out, on a memorable day in 1843, that long procession of ministers and elders to Tanfield Hall which ended in the founding of the Free Church; St George's church in Charlotte Square, a good example of the work of Robert Adam.
  • In 1815 he became minister of the Tron Church, Glasgow, in spite of determined opposition to him in the town council on the ground of his evangelical teaching.

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