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  • On the evening of the 31st of December 1900, one of the outer trilithons (22 on plan), with its lintel, was blown down in the course of a severe storm, this being the first collapse since the 3rd of January 1797, when one of the fine trilithons 58) of the horseshoe fell.
  • In diameter and approached from the northeast by a road or avenue which can still be traced by banks of earth, is an outer circle of trilithons (ioo ft.
  • Within this circle and concentric with it is another, formed of smaller "blue stones," originally forty in number, but only a few of which now remain in situ; within that was a horseshoe of five huge trilithons formed by ten monoliths with their imposts (all sarsens); and within the horseshoe was an inner horseshoe of "blue stones," originally nineteen in number.

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