Sentence Examples

  • Wall of the latter occur the three famous megaliths, which gave the name Trilithon to the Jupiter temple in Byzantine times.
  • 31 shows the state of Stonehenge at the moment preceding the fall of the trilithon on the 31st of December 1908.
  • The fall of trilithon 22 and its lintel opened a larger path to the wind, and added to the danger of further destruction.
  • The societies advised that trilithon 6, 7, with lintel - which had slewed round - and trilithon 56, which was leaning at a dangerous angle, should be examined with a view to replacement with as little excavation as possible; that the monolith and lintel 22 be replaced, and its companion sarsen (21) secured; and that trilithon 57, 58, should be re-erected in its place, which was exactly known.
  • On the 19th of September 1 9 01 trilithon 56 was successfully raised to a perpendicular position.

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