Sentence Examples

  • They provide a variety of educational services, including associate's degrees, career training and continuing education, and transferable general education courses for those wishing to transfer to a four-year college.
  • In addition, eBooks are not currently transferable which means if you've filled a Kindle up with your favorite books for three years and now want to give the Nook a try, none of your previously purchased eBooks can be read on the Nook.
  • Double check that the offer is for the right theme park - Sea World San Antonio and Sea World San Diego frequently offer deals similar to those for the Orlando park, but the offers are not transferable between parks.
  • Another option for staying organized is keeping your current handbag and purchasing a removable or transferable purse insert organizer, such as Joey Junior Purse Organizer, Chameleon Inserts, or Purseket.
  • Wasted Space: Those who view objectives as unnecessary see them as filler, taking up space on the resume that could be better used providing information about the individual's transferable skills and relevant work experience.