Sentence Examples

  • You and Kris toughened me up.
  • Hell toughened him up, yet this was one challenge he couldn.t figure out.
  • Being very brittle, the spar is rather difficult to work on the lathe, and is often toughened by means of resin.
  • From the nitrate are made (a) argenti nitras indurata, toughened caustic, containing 19 parts of silver nitrate and one of potassium nitrate fused together into cylindrical rods; (b) Argenti nitras mitigatus, mitigated caustic, in which 1 part of silver nitrate and 2 parts of potassium nitrate are fused together into rods or cones.
  • Generally towards the end of the first year the original thin protective layer of a stem or branch is replaced by a thin layer of "cork," that is a layer of cells the living contents of which have disappeared while the walls have become thickened and toughened as the result of the formation in them of a substance known as suberin.