Sentence Examples

  • She also has become an entrepreneur by starting several businesses - a bed and breakfast with her husband, Dean McDermott, two jewelry businesses (Maven and the Tori Spelling Collection) and a children's clothing line (Little Maven).
  • The company features a great range of Hawaiian shirts in various fabrics, like silk and cotton, as well as a host of prints from reputable designers like Tori Richard, Tommy Bahama and Cotton Traders.
  • The later years of the 1990's and the early years of the new millennium proved tough for Tori Amos, but in the end she came out stronger than before with new material, ready for new endeavors.
  • Her Oxygen reality series (Tori and Dean: Inn Love and Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood) chronicled her family life through the birth of both her children and her business ventures.
  • Tori created the Tori Spelling Collection in 2007 as an exclusive Home Shopping Network jewelry (HSN) venture in order to create quality trendy fashion jewelry at an affordable price.